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Our Response to the impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having a terrible impact on people's health and the healthcare services around the world and we applaud all of those working hard in the healthcare sector, as well as other emergency services, supply chain and schools to keep us safe, well and society functioning.

As many of our clients know, at Monterey Insight we have been investing in our move to the Cloud over the past 2 years. This has not been without its own setbacks but now, in this time of social and self-isolating, we are pleased to say it is paying dividends as the whole Monterey Insight team is fully operational working from home in London, Ireland and New York on our Cloud platform.


We have now released the Monterey Insight Luxembourg Fund Report 2020 and the UK 2020 Fund Report. We are currently finalising Ireland 2020, Jersey 2020 and Guernsey 2020. We understand that you will have higher priorities and reduced team sizes but as long as you continue to provide the data we require we will continue to process it.

We understand that as businesses react to the seismic changes in global markets our reports become ever more important in helping shape strategy for the 'new normal'. As a team we are working hard to meet our commitments to deliver the Jersey, Guernsey and Ireland Fund Reports in January 2021 but these dates are dependent upon us receiving data in a timely manner, which is beyond our control.

From the Monterey team, our hearts go out to those who have been most affected and lost loved ones. We wish all of our fund community, clients and friends the best; to stay safe and help one another in these hard times and together we will pull through this tragic pandemic.

Monterey Insight Team

t impact on businesses and the economy. We are working closely with organisations both in the UK and globally to help them prepare and respond.

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